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Stephen King connections

You almost certainly already know that Stephen King is a prolific writer of many incredible books. What you may or may not be aware of is that all his stories exist in the same universe, and often cross paths with each other. I've been noting connections between King books for years, and built this as a way to keep track of all the new ones I discover as I read and reread his works.

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This is nothing new - people have been noting these connections for years, and there are entire Stephen King wikis that list some of them - but I have yet to find a complete list of all Stephen King connections (or a website devoted specifically to them), and I've always wanted one, so I built it myself. I've also started branching out beyond connections, noting things like how many movies based on his books actually are terrible, and how often he releases a new book.

About me

I'm Maya. I've been reading Stephen King since... I think Christine was my first book, and I read it back in middle school. It blew my mind, and then I quickly read through his other classics (but only the ones I wasn't too scared of, like Cujo and Firestarter and Misery). It took me until my 20s, when I finally mustered up the courage to read some of the more infamously scary books, like It and Pet Sematary, to realize the full genius of Stephen King. Even his scariest books are epic, beautiful, fascinating stories of unforgettable, flawed, lovable characters. Since then I haven't looked back. I try to switch it up and read a non-King book once in a while, but none of them do it for me quite the way he does.

If you want to dig deeper into the SK universe, I also have a podcast, which I started because I already spend all day every day talking about it, so figured I might as well record some of it.

Where to start if you've never read a Stephen King book

Well, first of all, don't look at anything on my website. There are a TON of spoilers everywhere, as I assume the people using it are superfans who've read a large chunk of his body of work. That said, here are my recommendations:

You really can't go wrong though.

How you can help

If you'd like to submit a new connection, please do!

If you have a feature request or feedback for this website, I'd love to hear it. Email me. This is very much a work in progress and I've got TONS of ideas... just need to find the time to implement them :)

Some appreciation

Thank you to Erik for all his patience answering my annoying Django questions as I figured out how to make this website. I am also eternally grateful to my talented friend Emmi, who makes me logos for all my silly websites and always gets them right on the first try. And finally, I am so thankful for the brilliant artistry of Sarah Dooley, who created the most perfect theme song I ever could have imagined for this project.