Dolores Claiborne (Nov 1992)

While being interrogated, Dolores Claiborne wants to make clear to the police that she did not kill her wealthy employer, an elderly woman named Vera Donovan whom she has looked after for years. She does, however, confess to orchestrating the death of her husband, Joe St. George, almost 30 years before, after finding out that he sexually molested their fourteen-year-old daughter, Selena. Dolores's "confession" develops into the story of her life, her troubled marriage, and her relationship with her employer.

Dolores Claiborne has connections to the following books:

Foreword : Dark Score Lake

Dolores has a psychic connection with Jessie; they both have life-changing events occur during the eclipse over Dark Score Lake.

In the northwestern part of Maine-in the area known as the Lakes District-the small town of Sharbot curves like a crescent around a beautiful body of water called Dark Score Lake. Dark Score is one of the deepest lakes in New England-better than three hundred feet in some places. Some of the locals have been known to claim it is bottomless...but usually only after a few beers (in Sharbot, half a dozen is considered a few).

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