Firestarter (Sep 1980)

In 1969, a secret government agency called The Shop made experiments with a chemical drug called Lot Six. Lot Six altered the chromosomes on the test subjects, to experiment with psychokinetic powers, such as telekenesis. Two of the test subjects fell in love, and later married. They had a child, who they named Charlie, who was born with multiple abilities, primarily Pyrokenesis, the ability to start fires with her mind.

Firestarter has connections to the following books:

Chapter 13 : 1958 Plymouth Fury

Al Steinowitz drives a Plymouth. His happens to be light green, but there are two more Plymouths in the book (a Plymouth Arrow of unknown color and a gray Plymouth of unknown model).

Al’s light-green Plymouth went first, exploding with a muffled whrrr-rump! sound. A ball of flame rose from the back of the Plymouth, too bright to look at. The rear window blew in. The Ford John and Ray had come in went next, barely two seconds later. Hooks of metal whickered through the air and pattered on the roof.

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