Gerald's Game (May 1992)

A woman accidentally kills her husband while she is handcuffed to the bed as part of a bondage game, and, following the subsequent realization that she is trapped with little hope of rescue, begins to let the voices inside her head take over.

Common King themes:

  • Main character has a dead spouse (Gerald dies in the middle of a sexual encounter with his wife Jessie, and she has to deal with the consequences.)
  • "Space Cowboy"

Gerald's Game has connections to the following books:

Chapter 18 : Miss Petrie

Jessie hears a voice in her head that she calls Miss Petrie, after her second grade teacher.

It was a voice apt to stubbornly insist that even the most obvious wrongs were actually rights, parts of a benign plan too large and complex for mere mortals to grasp. There would be times (mostly during her eleventh and twelfth years, when she called that voice Miss Petrie, after her secondgrade teacher) when she would actually raise her hands to her ears to try and blot out that quacking, reasonable voice — useless, of course, since it originated on the side of her ears she couldn't get to — but in that moment of dawning dismay while the eclipse darkened the skies over western Maine and reflected stars burned in the depths of Dark Score Lake, that moment when she realized (sort of) what the hand between her legs was up to, she heard only kindness and practicality, and she seized upon what the voice was saying with panicky relief.

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