Lisey's Story (Oct 2006)

Lisey's Story is the story of Lisey Landon, the widow of a famous and wildly successful novelist, Scott Landon. The book tells two stories—Lisey's story in the present, and the story of her dead husband's life, as remembered by Lisey during the course of the novel. King got the idea for Lisey's Story when he came home after a prolonged hospital stay to find that his wife was in the middle of redecorating his home studio, and it made him feel like he had died and she was clearing out all his papers.

Common King themes:

  • Main character is a writer (Scott Landon is perhaps the most similar character to Stephen King (even more so than Thad Beaumont in The Dark Half). He writes a number of bestselling novels, wins the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize, and has a love for his wife which survives long after his death - in part, thanks to his writing.)
  • Main character has a dead spouse (Lisey's Story is about the title character coping with the loss of her husband, Scott Landon.)
  • "Space Cowboy" (Lisey calls Scott's fans space cowboys.)
  • Evidence that reality is thin (Scott Landon jumps to a space called Boo'ya Moon regularly.)

Lisey's Story has connections to the following books:

Part 1 / Chapter I / Section 1 : Lisbon Falls, ME

Lisey and her sisters grew up in Lisbon Falls.

None of Lisey's sisters was immune to the pleasures of setting the cat among the pigeons ("stirring up a stink" had been their father's phrase for it), or having a good natter about someone else's dirty laundry, but the only one Lisey had a hard time liking was this same Amanda. Eldest (and oddest) of the onetime Debusher girls of Lisbon Falls, Amanda currently lived alone, in a house which Lisey had provided, a small, weather-tight place not too far from Castle View where Lisey, Darla, and Cantata could keep an eye on her. Lisey had bought it for her seven years ago, five before Scott died. Died Young. Died Before His Time, as the saying was. Lisey still had trouble believing he'd been gone for two years. It seemed both longer and the blink of an eye.

Part 1 / Chapter IV / Section 18 : Derry, ME

Derry Home, the hospital in Derry, and Arcadia Mental Health, the mental hospital in Derry, are both mentioned in Lisey's Story.

When they're in the kitchen again, she unwinds her blouse and sees the damage. Looking at it, she feels another wave of faintness first lift her up toward the bright overhead light and then drop her toward darkness; she has to struggle to stay conscious, and manages to do it by telling herself He needs me. He needs me to drive him to the ER at Derry Home.

Part 2 / Chapter 5 / Section 12 : Dark Score Lake

Lisey buys cigarettes at a gas station; the proprietor is wearing a Dark Score Lake t-shirt.

Naresh Patel, owner of Patel's Market, was himself on duty when Lisey came in at just past five o'clock on that long, long Thursday. He was sitting behind the cash register in a lawn chair, eating a curry and watching Shania Twain gyrate on Country Music Television. He put his curry aside and actually stood up for Lisey. His tee shirt read I <3 DARK SCORE LAKE.

Part 2 / Chapter V / Section 10 : Mike Noonan

Lisey's sister reads a Mike Noonan audio book.

Lisey asked again if Darla didn't want company on the ride back to Greenlawn, and Darla shook her head. She had an old Michael Noonan novel on cassette tapes, she said, and this would be a good chance to dig into it.

Part 2 / Chapter VI / Section 8 : Norris Ridgewick

Lisey tries to get in touch with Sheriff Ridgewick after an obsessed fan shows up at her house.

In a horror movie, she thought, this is where the monster would leap out of the darkness and grab me. Just as I'm starting to relax. Nothing leaped out to grab her, but Lisey didn't think it would hurt to take the silver spade inside with her, if only for good luck. Carrying it in one hand now, down by the collar where the shaft met the silver scoop, Lisey went to call Norris Ridgewick, the Castle County Sheriff.

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