Nightmares & Dreamscapes (Sep 1983)

A collection of 24 short stories.

Common King themes:

  • Someone is called "Sunny Jim" ('Just take care of him,' the big woman said, and turned irritably back to the rat-​faced boy. 'Ma'am?' Hogan said again. 'Just a minute, hold your water,' Mrs. Scooter said. She spoke with the air of one who is all but drowning in impatient customers, although Hogan and the rat-​faced boy were in fact the only ones present. 'You're a dime short, Sunny Jim,' she told the blonde kid after a quick glance at the coins on the counter-​top. The boy regarded her with wide, innocent eyes. 'I don't suppose you'd trust me for it?' 'I doubt if the Pope of Rome smokes Merit 100's, but if he did, I wouldn't trust him for it.' The look of wide-​eyed innocence disappeared. The rat-​faced boy looked at her with an expression of sullen dislike for a moment (this expression looked much more at home on the kid's face, Hogan thought), and then slowly began to investigate his pockets again.)

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