Rose Madder (Jun 1995)

Rosie Daniels flees from her husband, Norman after fourteen years in an abusive marriage. During one bout of violence, Norman caused Rosie to miscarry their only child. Escaping to a distant city, Rosie establishes a new life and forges new relationships. Norman Daniels, a police officer with a reputation for cruelty, uses his law-enforcement connections to track his wayward wife.

Common King themes:

  • Someone is called "Sunny Jim"
  • Domestic violence

Rose Madder has connections to the following books:

Part II: The Kindness of Strangers / Chapter 3 : Roland Deschain

Mention of Dearborn Avenue (Roland went by Will Dearborn in Wizard and Glass).

'Good. Get off at the corner of Dearborn and Elk, then walk up Elk two blocks… or maybe it's three, I can't remember for sure. Anyway, you'll come to Durham Avenue. You'll want to make a left. It's about four blocks up, but they're short blocks. A big white frame house. I'd tell you it looks like it needs to be painted, but they might have gotten around to that by now. Can you remember all that?'

Part VI: The Temple of the Bull / Chapter 10 : Lud

“I've seen bodies on fire and heads by the hundreds poked onto poles along the streets of the City of Lud, I've seen wise leaders assassinated and fools put up in their places, and still I live."

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