The Shining (Jan 1977)

The Shining centers on the life of Jack Torrance, an aspiring writer and recovering alcoholic who accepts a position as the off-season caretaker of the historic Overlook Hotel in the Colorado Rockies. His family accompanies him on this job, including his young son Danny, who possesses "the shining," an array of psychic abilities that allow Danny to see the horrific past of the hotel. Soon, after a winter storm leaves them snowbound, the supernatural forces inhabiting the hotel influence Jack's sanity, leaving his wife and son in incredible danger. The Shining (and many of its details, like the abandoned hotel, a bartender named Grady, and a creepy bathtub) were inspired by a real life vacation Stephen & Tabitha King spent at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado the night before it closed for the winter. Fun fact: the book was originally called "The Shine", a nod to John Lennon's song "Instant Karma."

Common King themes:

  • The number 19 (There are 19 wide steps down to the hotel lobby.)

The Shining has connections to the following books:

Chapter 11 : 1958 Plymouth Fury

Dick Hallorann drives a Plymouth. Ok, so it's maybe not Christine, but close enough.

“Hallorann set his bags down by the trunk of a beige Plymouth Fury. "This ain't much car,“ he confided to Danny, ”just a rental job. My Bessie's on the other end. She's a car. 1950 Cadillac, and does she run sweet? I'll tell the world. I keep her in Florida because she's too old for all this mountain climbing. You need a hand with that?”

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