The Talisman (Nov 1984)

This book charts the adventure of a twelve-year-old boy named Jack Sawyer. The adolescent hero sets out from Arcadia Beach, New Hampshire in a bid to save his mother, who is dying from cancer, by finding a crystal called "the Talisman."

Common King themes:

  • Evidence that reality is thin
  • Excessive use of the word "insouciant" ("Richard shrugged, and despite the insouciance of the gesture, his face was miserable"; "Her insouciant go-to-hell grin was, however, all her own")
  • Twinners (A bunch of the Thayer kids have twinners who attack Jack and Richard)

The Talisman has connections to the following books:

Part 1 / Chapter 1 / Section 3 : Blaze

Lily Cavanaugh was in a movie called Blaze.

In 1968, the year before Jack's birth, Lily had been nominated for an Academy Award for her role in a picture called Blaze. Blaze was a better movie than most of Lily's, and in it she had been able to demonstrate a much richer talent than her usual bad-girl roles had revealed.

Part Four / Chapter 34 / Section 8 : Randall Flagg

A reference to one of Flagg's pseudonyms, Walter O'Dim?

"The wolfs seemed more afraid of him than of his father, although the son carried no whip. They said he was dim." "Dim," Jack mused. "Yes. It is their word for one who is hard to see, no matter how hard ye look for that one. Invisibility is impossible - so the Wolfs say - but one can make himself dim if only he knows the trick of it."

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