The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla (Nov 2003)

After escaping the perilous wreckage of Blaine the insane Mono and eluding the evil clutches of the vindictive sorcerer Randall Flagg, Roland and his ka-tet find themselves back on the southeasterly path of the Beam. Here, in the borderlands that lie between Mid-World and End-World, Roland and his friends are approached by a frightened band of representatives from the nearby town of Calla Bryn Sturgis. In less than a month, the Calla will be attacked by the Wolves--those masked riders that gallop out of Thunderclap once a generation to steal the town's children. The Calla folken need the kind of help that only gunslingers can give, and if the tet agrees to help, the town's priest--Father Callahan, once of 'Salem's Lot, Maine--promises to give them Black Thirteen, the most potent and treacherous of Maerlyn's magic balls. He used it to enter Mid-World, and now it sleeps fitfully beneath the floorboards of his church. Meanwhile, in the New York of 1977, the Sombra Corporation plots to destroy the lot at Second Avenue and Forty-Sixth Street. How can Roland and his friends both save the rose and fight the Wolves? Only by using the magic of Black Thirteen, but how can anyone trust this sinister and treacherous object which is, in actuality, the eye of the Crimson King himself? Time is running out on all levels of the Tower, but unless our ka-tet can defeat the minions of Thunderclap both in our world and in Mid-World, they will never reach that great lynchpin of the time/space continuum which, even now, begins to totter...

Common King themes:

  • Someone has The Shining (In the Dark Tower series, it's called "the touch" - but Alain and Jake both seem to have it.)
  • The number 19 (Basically everything in the Dark Tower series adds up to 19, but here's a good example: Claudia y Inez Bachman.)

The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla has connections to the following books:

Part 2 / Chapter 3 / Section 11 : Can-Toi

Callahan describes the can-toi (or as he calls them, low men, to Roland and the others).

“The low men,” Callahan said. “They call themselves that, sometimes, although there are women among them. Sometimes they call themselves regulators. A lot of them wear long yellow coats . . . but not all. A lot of them have blue coffins tattooed on their hands . . . but not all.” “Big Coffin Hunters, Roland,” Eddie murmured. Roland nodded but never took his eyes from Callahan. “Let the man talk, Eddie.” “What they are—what they really are—is soldiers of the Crimson King,” Callahan said. And he crossed himself.

Part 2 / Chapter III / Section 2 : Ben Mears

Callahan mentions Mears as he recounts his tale.

“A writer came to me,” he said. “A man named Ben Mears.” “I think I read one of his books,” Eddie said. “Air Dance, it was called. About a man who gets hung for the murder his brother committed?”

Part 2 / Chapter IX / Section 19 : November 22, 1963

“In any case,” Callahan said, “there’s always been a question as to whether the man who killed him acted alone, or whether he was part of a larger conspiracy. And sometimes I’d wake in the middle of the night and think, ‘Why don’t you go and see? Why don’t you stand in front of that door with the box in your arms and think, “Dallas, November 22nd, 1963”? Because if you do that the door will open and you can go there, just like the man in Mr. Wells’s story of the time machine. And perhaps you could change what happened that day. If there was ever a watershed moment in American life, that was it. Change that, change everything that came after. Vietnam . . . the race riots . . . everything.”

Prologue / Section 3 : Father Callahan

Boom. Callahan is back.

Telford recovered himself with relative speed, but when he spoke, Tian thought he still looked shocked. “Beg pardon, Pere Callahan, but I have the feather—”

Prologue / Section 4 : Jerusalem's Lot, ME

Callahan thought they would want the thing that lay beneath the floorboards of his church. And that was good, because that thing had awakened. The Old Fella, who had once run from a town called Jerusalem’s Lot in another world, wanted to be rid of it. If he wasn’t rid of it soon, it would kill him.

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