1958 Plymouth Fury (first appeared in Christine)

Stephen King's got a thing for Plymouths - understandably, since his first car was a baby blue '56 Plymouth. But he's especially into a certain red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury. Although the details are not always explicitly stated, it's probably safe to assume that any Plymouth spotted in a King novel is Christine lurking about. (Interestingly, a Plymouth Fury first showed up in The Stand, published 5 years before Christine. Foreshadowing?)

1958 Plymouth Fury is mentioned in the following books:

11/22/63 (Nov 2011)

Jake spots a red and white Plymouth Fury (mid-or-late fifties, ha!) in the parking lot when he arrives in Lisbon Falls in 1958. This is just the first of 11 times Jake sees this car (ultimately, it becomes clear that the car is playing a much larger part in his time traveling coincidences than he originally thought).

The newest car in the lot was a Plymouth Fury from—I think—the mid-or late fifties. The plate on it looked like an impossibly antique version of the one on the back of my Subaru; that plate came, at my ex-wife’s request, with a pink breast cancer ribbon. The one I was looking at now did say VACATIONLAND, but it was orange instead of white. As in most states, Maine plates now come with letters—the one on my Subaru is 23383 IY—but the one on the back of the almost-new white-over-red Fury was 90-811. No letters.
- Part 1 / Chapter 4

The Shining (Jan 1977)

Dick Hallorann drives a Plymouth. Ok, so it's maybe not Christine, but close enough.

“Hallorann set his bags down by the trunk of a beige Plymouth Fury. "This ain't much car,“ he confided to Danny, ”just a rental job. My Bessie's on the other end. She's a car. 1950 Cadillac, and does she run sweet? I'll tell the world. I keep her in Florida because she's too old for all this mountain climbing. You need a hand with that?”
- Chapter 11

The Stand (Sep 1978)

Stu Redman and Tom Cullen find an abandoned Plymouth with the initials "AC" engraved on the keychain.

Firestarter (Sep 1980)

Al Steinowitz drives a Plymouth. His happens to be light green, but there are two more Plymouths in the book (a Plymouth Arrow of unknown color and a gray Plymouth of unknown model).

Al’s light-green Plymouth went first, exploding with a muffled whrrr-rump! sound. A ball of flame rose from the back of the Plymouth, too bright to look at. The rear window blew in. The Ford John and Ray had come in went next, barely two seconds later. Hooks of metal whickered through the air and pattered on the roof.
- Chapter 13

It (Sep 1986)

Butch Bowers drove a '58 Plymouth Fury, and Henry Bowers has an unfortunate run-in with that same car...

He reached the intersection of the seminary path and the sidewalk and peered at the car, trying to make sense out of the hulk behind the wheel. But it was the car he recognized first - it was the one his father always swore he would own someday, a 1958 Plymouth Fury. It was red and white and Henry knew (hadn't his father told him often enough?) that the engine rumbling under the hood was a V-8 327.
- Part 5 / Chapter 19 / Section 9

Mr Mercedes (Jun 2014)

Christine is mentioned as a fictional story.

The huge paved yard was filled with rusty container boxes that stood around like Easter Island monoliths. The gray Mercedes was parked carelessly askew between two of them. By the time Hodges and Huntley arrived, five police cars were parked in the yard, two drawn up nose-to-nose behind the car’s back bumper, as if the cops expected the big gray sedan to start up by itself, like that old Plymouth in the horror movie, and make a run for it. The fog had thickened into a light rain. The patrol car roofracks lit the droplets in conflicting pulses of blue light.
- Part 1: Det.-Ret. / Chapter 14

Revival (Nov 2014)

A stretch, but Georgia's first car sounds pretty damn close to Christine.

"Do you know what my father gave me when I got old enough for a driver’s license?” I shook my head. “A 1960 Plymouth with half the grille gone, bald tires, rusty rocker panels, and an engine that gobbled recycled oil by the quart.
- Chapter IX