Alan Freed (first appeared in Nightmares & Dreamscapes)

The fictional Freed is an evil version of the actual Freed, who in the story enthusiastically announces the names of deceased rock 'n' roll legends in You Know They Got a Hell of a Band as part of an upcoming concert to perform.

Alan Freed is mentioned in the following books:

The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower (Sep 2004)

Susannah sees an interesting poster when she's exploring with Nigel after the birth of Mordred. Alan Freed's habit of reciting dead people is reminiscent of Susannah's uncontrollable compulsion to do the same.

Nigel turned left, into a new corridor with doors on both sides. She got him to stop long enough to try one of them, but there was nothing of particular note inside. It was an office, and long-abandoned, judging by the thick fall of dust. She was interested to see a poster of madly jitterbugging teenagers on one wall. Beneath it, in large blue letters, was this: SAY, YOU COOL CATS AND BOPPIN’ KITTIES! I ROCKED AT THE HOP WITH ALAN FREED! CLEVELAND, OHIO, OCTOBER 1954
- Part 1 / Chapter IV / Section 6