Alan Pangborn (first appeared in The Dark Half)

Alan Pangborn was the sheriff of Castle Rock from 1981-1991. His wife Annie and son Todd were killed in a car crash. He's a gifted (albeit amateur) magician who falls in love with and marries Polly Chalmers.

Alan Pangborn is mentioned in the following books:

Four Past Midnight (Sep 1990)

'Could be,' Pop said indifferently. 'People get up to all sorts of didos. Lookit my nephew, there, for instance, Ace.' Pop's nose wrinkled. 'Doin four years in Shawshank, and for what? Bustin into The Mellow Tiger. He got up to didos and Sheriff Pangborn. slammed him in the jug for it. Little ringmeat got just what he deserved.'
- The Sun Dog / Chapter 2

Bag of Bones (Sep 1998)

Mike asks Sheriff Ridgewick whatever happened to Alan Pangborn, the last sheriff of Castle Rock.

When Sheriff Ridgewick hammered on the door, I thought it wise to answer with my hands up. He looked wired. What seemed to ease the situation was a simple, uncalculated question. 'Where's Alan Pangborn these days, Sheriff?' 'Over New Hampshire,' Ridgewick said, lowering his pistol a little (a minute or two later he holstered it without even seeming to be aware he had done so). 'He and Polly are doing real well. Except for her arthritis. That's nasty, I guess, but she still has her good days. A person can go along quite awhile if they get a good day every once and again, that's what I think. Mr. Noonan, I have a lot of questions for you. You know that, don't you?'
- Chapter 29

Needful Things (Oct 1991)

First instance of many of Sheriff Alan Pangborn in the book.

The girl who had left on a Greyhound with a bun in her oven was now a woman of almost forty and had been back, living and doing business in town, for four years, and no one even knew the sex of the child that had caused her to leave. just lately Polly Chalmers had given the town a fresh demonstration of her eccentricity, if one was needed: she had been keeping company with Alan Pangborn, Castle County's Sheriff, and Sheriff Pangborn had buried his wife and younger son only a year and a half ago.
- Chapter 2