Andy Dufresne (first appeared in Different Seasons)

Andy Dufresne is mentioned in the following books:

Different Seasons (Aug 1982)

Andy Dufresne (first mentioned in "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption," in the same book) is mentioned as having done accounting work for Nazi war criminal Kurt Dussander in “Apt Pupil."

'A little General Motors, a little American Telephone and Telegraph, a hundred and fifty shares of Revion. All this banker's choices. Dufresne, his name was-I remember, because it sounds a little like mine. It seems he was not so smart at wife-killing as he was at picking growth stocks. The crime passionnel, boy. It only proves that all men are donkeys who can read.' He came back into the room, slippers whispering. He held two green plastic glasses that looked like the premiums they sometimes give out at gas station openings. When you filled your tank, you got a free glass. Dussander thrust a glass at Todd. 'I lived adequately on the stock portfolio this Dufresne had set up for me for the first five years. But then I sold my Diamond Match stock in order to buy this house and a small cottage not far from Big Sur. Then, inflation. Recession. I sold the cottage and one by one I sold the stocks, many of them at fantastic profits. I wish to God I had bought more. But I thought I was well-protected in other directions; the stocks were, as you Americans say, a "flier"​' He made a toothless hissing sound and snapped his fingers.
- Apt Pupil / Chapter 1