Beverly Marsh (first appeared in It)

Beverly Marsh is one of the members in The Losers' Club. She was in love with Bill Denbrough in 1958 and she fell in love with Ben Hanscom in 1985 after they defeated It for the final time.

Beverly Marsh is mentioned in the following books:

11/22/63 (Nov 2011)

Jake runs into Bev and Richie Tozier dancing in a picnic area in Derry in 1958. They mention the clown, talk about Dorsey Corcoran and Tugga Dunning, and even ask Jake about the Turtle. Jake helps Bev learn the Lindy and thinks about her often after their encounter (specifically, her feeling that the worst was over in Derry).

“Who are you, Miss?” I asked. “Bevvie-Bevvie, I live on the levee,” she said, and started giggling again. “Sorry—Richie’s a fool, but I have no excuse. Beverly Marsh. You’re not from around here, are you?”
- Part 2 / Chapter 7