Bill Denbrough (first appeared in It)

Bill Denbrough is mentioned in the following books:

Bag of Bones (Sep 1998)

Jo is a fan of Bill Denbrough's novels.

Johanna was deep in her ratty old easy chair, reading a book (not Maugham that night but William Denbrough, one of her contemporary favorites). 'Ooo,' she said, looking up and marking her place. 'Champagne, what's the occasion?' As if, you understand, she didn't know.
- Chapter 2

The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower (Sep 2004)

A helpful robot in the Dark Tower has the same nickname as Bill.

“Stuttering Bill changes the propane tank and does the maintenance when it needs maintaining, which hasn’t been but twice in all the time I’ve been here.”
- Part 4 / Chapter V / Section 5