Bubble Reputation (first appeared in Desperation)

Stephen King seems to be a fan of Shakespeare's "As You Like It," or at least the poem "All the world's a stage." Several of his creative characters struggle with the idea of a bubble reputation - the idea of seeking fame for something that is actually not notable, or honorable. It's first found in Desperation, as Johnny Marinville reflects on the pointlessness of his quest for fame.

Bubble Reputation is mentioned in the following books:

Duma Key (Jan 2008)

Wireman introduces Edgar to the idea of the bubble reputation, which Edgar repeatedly assures us he's not interested in.

If Nannuzzi wanted to do it, I’d go along. Not because I was seeking what Shakespeare called “the bubble reputation” (I owe Wireman for that one), but because I came to understand that Elizabeth was right: it was better not to let work pile up on Duma Key.
- Part 9 / Chapter 1