Carrie White (first appeared in Carrie)

Carrie is a telekinetic, shy outcast who gets revenge on everyone at her high school.

Carrie White is mentioned in the following books:

The Dead Zone (Aug 1979)

Patty accuses Johnny Smith of setting Cathy's restaurant on fire, and mentions the book Carrie.

“No one answered. And then, suddenly, from somewhere behind him Patty Strachan began to talk in a high hysterical voice. “It’s his fault, that guy there! He made it happen! He set it on fire by his mind, just like in that book Carrie. You murderer! Killer! You ...”
- Part II / Chapter 23

The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower (Sep 2004)

Pretty sure this is a reference to Carrie.

Through her watering eyes Susannah thought Joe still looked pissed that she had interrupted his comedy routine in such drastic (not to mention messy) fashion, and in a way she didn’t blame him. He’d been doing a really good job; she’d gone and spoiled it. Aside from the pain, which was abating a little now, she was horribly embarrassed, remembering the time she had started her period in gym class and a little trickle of blood had run down her thigh for the whole world to see—that part of it with whom she had third-period PE, at any rate. Some of the girls had begun chanting Plug it UP!, as if it were the funniest thing in the world.
- Part 4 / Chapter V / Section 9

The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah (Jun 2004)

When Eddie and Roland ask John Cullum about 'Salem's Lot, he tells them a little more about its author.

“Dunno,” Cullum said. “Lots of people around here read it, tell you that much. Because it’s set in Maine. And because of the ads they had on TV, you know. Also there was a movie made out of his first book, but I never went to see it. Looked too bloody.” “What was it called?” Cullum thought, then shook his head. “Can’t quite remember. ’Twas just one word, and I’m pretty sure it was a girl’s name, but that’s the best I can do. Maybe it’ll come to me.”
- 8th Stanza / Chapter 3

The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower (Sep 2004)

Dinky turned on him with his fists clenched and a tight, furious smile on his face. Oy immediately stepped in front of Jake, growling low and showing his teeth. Dinky either didn’t notice or paid no attention. “Yeah? Well guess what, kiddo? I take offense. I take offense like a motherfucker. What do you know about what it’s like to spend your whole life on the outside, to be the butt of the joke every time, to always be Carrie at the fuckin prom?”
- Part 2 / Chapter V / Section 6