Derry, ME (first appeared in It)

Although it was first mentioned in The Body and The Running Man, It was really the first Derry novel (and the first time that the underlying evil of Derry was revealed). Stephen King has said that Derry is his portrayal of Bangor, although the 1958 version of Derry in It is more closely modeled after Stratford, CT where King spent most of his childhood.

Derry, ME is mentioned in the following books:

The Running Man (May 1982)

At one point in his journey (around when he breaks the survival record), Richards makes his way to an airport in Derry.

“He’s right,” Richards said. “But I just had to get to…uh…” He snapped his fingers in a pantomime of it-just-slipped-my-mind. “You know, jetport.” “You must mean Voigt Field.” “That’s it.” “Jeez, that’s over a hundred miles from here, mister. In Derry.”
- ...Minus 046 and COUNTING...

Different Seasons (Aug 1982)

Chris mentions Derry when the boys are discussing how the body could have ended up where it did.

'Could a kid really have gotten all the way from Chamberlain to Harlow?' I asked Chris. That's twenty or thirty miles.' 'I think so. He probably happened on the train tracks and followed them the whole way. Maybe he thought they'd take him out, or maybe he thought he could flag down a train if he had to. But that's just a freight run now-GS&WM up to Derry and Brownsville-and not many of those anymore. He'd had to've walked all the way to Castle Rock to get out. After dark a train must have finally come along and el smacko.'
- The Body / Chapter 5

Pet Sematary (Nov 1983)

The hill was not a high one, but it did not need to be. To the east, heavy woods blocked any view, but looking this way, west, the land fell away in a golden and dozy late summer dream. Everything was still, hazed, silent. There was not even an Orinco tanker on the highway to break the quiet. It was the river valley they were looking into, of course; the Penobscot, where loggers had once floated their timber from the northeast down to Bangor and Derry. But they were south of Bangor and a bit north of Derry here.
- Part 1 / Chapter 8

Skeleton Crew (Jun 1985)

Derry is mentioned in both "Uncle Otto's Truck" and "Mrs. Todd's Shortcut".

Four Past Midnight (Sep 1990)

"Secret Window, Secret Garden" takes place in Derry.

Maybe I should tell her I caught Amy in bed with another man at one of Derry's finer motels, Mort thought as he pushed through the swing door. She might go back to calling her Mrs Rainey again, at the very least.
- Secret Window, Secret Garden / Chapter 9

Lisey's Story (Oct 2006)

Derry Home, the hospital in Derry, and Arcadia Mental Health, the mental hospital in Derry, are both mentioned in Lisey's Story.

When they're in the kitchen again, she unwinds her blouse and sees the damage. Looking at it, she feels another wave of faintness first lift her up toward the bright overhead light and then drop her toward darkness; she has to struggle to stay conscious, and manages to do it by telling herself He needs me. He needs me to drive him to the ER at Derry Home.
- Part 1 / Chapter IV / Section 18

Insomnia (Sep 1994)

Takes place in Derry.

No one – least of all Dr Litchfield – came right out and told Ralph Roberts that his wife was going to die, but there came a time when Ralph understood without needing to be told. The months between March and June were a jangling, screaming time inside his head – a time of conferences with doctors, of evening runs to the hospital with Carolyn, of trips to other hospitals in other states for special tests (Ralph spent much of his travel time on these trips thanking God for Carolyn’s Blue Cross/Major Medical coverage), of personal research in the Derry Public Library, at first looking for answers the specialists might have overlooked, later on just looking for hope and grasping at straws.
- Prologue

Under the Dome (Nov 2009)

Derry is mentioned several times throughout the book.

“Isn’t that a little late?” He grinned and added, “Not that I’m complaining.” “We’re going to open late.” She hesitated. “And close between meals.” “Really? Cool.” His gaze shifted to Barbie. “You got a place to stay tonight? Because you can stay with me. Sada went to Derry to visit her folks.” Sada was Anson’s wife.
- Part 7 / Chapter 2

Everything's Eventual (Mar 2002)

Howard Cottrell, the narrator, is from Derry.

Nowadays I am Howard the Conqueror, stock broker extraordinaire, terror of Derry Municipal Country Club.
- Autopsy Room Four

The Tommyknockers (Nov 1987)

Derry is mentioned and visited several times throughout the book, as it neighbors the town of Haven.

Bag of Bones (Sep 1998)

Mike and Joanna live in Derry.

On a very hot day in August of 1994, my wife told me she was going down to the Derry Rite Aid to pick up a refill on her sinus medicine prescription — this is stuff you can buy over the counter these days, I believe.
- Chapter 1

Dreamcatcher (Mar 2001)

The main characters are from Derry.