Frank Dodd (first appeared in The Dead Zone)

Frank Dodd is (spoiler alert) discovered to be the Castle Rock Strangler, thanks to Johnny Smith.

Frank Dodd is mentioned in the following books:

Cujo (Sep 1981)

Frank Dodd's ghost is invoked as a warning (and possibly a haunting spirit?) in Castle Rock.

Yet even in this enlightened age, when so many parents are aware of the psychological damage they may do to their children, surely there was one parent somewhere in Castle Rock - or perhaps one grandmother - who quieted the kids by telling them that Frank Dodd would get them if they didn't watch out, if they weren't good. And surely a hush fell as children looked toward their dark windows and thought of Frank Dodd in his shiny black vinyl raincoat, Frank Dodd who had choked ... and choked ... and choked.
- Part 1