George Bannerman (first appeared in The Dead Zone)

George Bannerman was the sheriff of Castle Rock from 1972-1980, when he was killed by Cujo. In The Dead Zone, he works with Johnny Smith to track down the Castle Rock Strangler.

George Bannerman is mentioned in the following books:

The Dark Half (Oct 1989)

Alan Pangborn reminisces about his predecessor while considering a new murder victim he discovers in Castle Rock.

As if to prove that old saw about lightning and how often it strikes in the same place isn't always right, a number of bad things had happened in Castle Rock over the last eight or ten years — things bad enough to make the national news. George Bannerman was the local sheriff when those things occurred, but Big George, as he had been affectionately called, would not have to deal with Homer Gamache, because Big George was dead. He had survived the first bad thing, a series of rape—strangulations committed by one of his own officers, but two years later he had been killed by a rabid dog out on Town Road #3 — not just killed, either, but almost literally torn apart. Both of these cases had been extremely strange, but the world was a strange place. And a hard one. And, sometimes, an unlucky one.
- Part 1 / Chapter 4 / Section 1

Cujo (Sep 1981)

George, the Castle Rock sheriff, fights (and loses to) Cujo.

'Get out, Steve. I'm not going to tell you again.' 'And what if I don't? You going to call Sheriff Bannerman? Sure. just say, “Hi, there George, this is Mr. Businessman's wife, and the guy I've been screwing on the side won't leave. Would you please come on up here and roust him?” That what you're going to say?'
- Part 2

Different Seasons (Aug 1982)

'Yeah, I can see that,' I said, although it could have been a.38 or a.357 for all I knew-in spite of all the John D MacDonalds and Ed McBains I'd read, the only pistol I'd ever seen up close was the one Constable Bannerman carried and although all the kids asked him to take it out of its holster, Banner never would. 'Man, your dad's gonna hide you when he finds out. You said he was on a mean streak anyway.'
- The Body / Chapter 9