Hemingford Home, NE (first appeared in The Stand)

Hemingford Home, NE is mentioned in the following books:

Night Shift (Feb 1978)

Hemingford Home is the setting of the short story "The Last Rung on the Ladder".

We grew up eighty miles west of Omaha in a town called Hemingford Home - my dad, my mom, my sister Katrina, and me.
- The Last Rung on the Ladder

It (Sep 1986)

The adult Ben Hanscom ends up here.

If, on that night of May 28th, 1985, you had wanted to find the man Time magazine had called 'perhaps the most promising young architect in America' ('Urban Energy Conservation and the Young Turks,' Time, October 15,1984), you would have had to drive west out of Omaha on Interstate 80 to do it. You'd have taken the Swedholm exit and then Highway 81 to downtown Swedholm (of which there isn't much). There you'd turn off on Highway 92 at Bucky's Hi-Hat Eat-Em-Up ('Chicken Fried Steak Our Specialty') and once out in the country again you'd hang a right on Highway 63, which runs straight as a string through the deserted little town of Gatlin and finally into Hemingford Home.
- Part 1 / Chapter 3 / Section 3

Full Dark, No Stars (Nov 2010)

"1922" is set in Hemingford Home.

The issue that led to my crime and damnation was 100 acres of good land in Hemingford Home, Nebraska. It was willed to my wife by John Henry Winters, her father. I wished to add this land to our freehold farm, which in 1922 totaled 80 acres. My wife, who never took to the farming life (or to being a farmer’s wife), wished to sell it to the Farrington Company for cash money. When I asked her if she truly wanted to live downwind from a Farrington’s hog butchery, she told me we could sell up the farm as well as her father’s acreage—my father’s farm, and his before him! When I asked her what we might do with money and no land, she said we could move to Omaha, or even St. Louis, and open a shop.
- 1922