Jake Chambers (first appeared in The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger)

Jake Chambers is mentioned in the following books:

Hearts in Atlantis (Sep 1999)

Bobby Garfield is probably Jake Chambers' twinner.

Doctor Sleep (Sep 2013)

Dan Torrance is talking to John Dalton on their drive through Iowa and is talking about the different aspects of the shining. Dan says the phrase "There are other worlds than these." Jake Chambers says the same phrase in The Gunslinger before falling to his death.

“My mother could take it or leave it alone. Sometimes she used to call herself Two Beers Wendy. My dad, however . . . one glass of wine or can of Bud and he was off to the races.” Dan glanced at the odometer and saw they still had forty miles to go. “You want to hear a story? One I’ve never told anybody? I should warn you, it’s a weird one. If you think the shining begins and ends with paltry shit like telepathy, you’re way short.” He paused. “There are other worlds than these.” “You’ve . . . um . . . seen these other worlds?” Dan had lost track of John’s mind, but DJ suddenly looked a little nervous. As if he thought the guy sitting next to him might suddenly stick his hand in his shirt and declare himself the reincarnation of Napoleon Bonaparte. “No, just some of the people who live there. Abra calls them the ghostie people. Do you want to hear, or not?”
- Part 2 / Chapter 11