Lisbon Falls, ME (first appeared in 11/22/63)

A town in Maine which is home to the gypsum mill where "Sparky" Landon works in Lisey's Story. Fun fact: this is where Stephen King went to high school.

Lisbon Falls, ME is mentioned in the following books:

11/22/63 (Nov 2011)

The portal Jake travels to opens up in Lisbon Falls on Tuesday, September 9, 1958.

I didn’t go anywhere at first, just stood still, wiping my mouth with the palm of my hand. My eyes felt like they were bugging out of their sockets. My scalp and a narrow strip of skin all the way down the middle of my back was crawling. I was scared—almost terrified—but balancing that off and keeping panic at bay (for the moment) was a powerful curiosity. I could see my shadow on the concrete, as clear as something cut from black cloth. I could see flakes of rust on the chain that closed the drying shed off from the rest of the courtyard. I could smell the powerful effluent pouring from the triple stacks, strong enough to make my eyes sting. An EPA inspector would have taken one sniff of that shit and shut the whole operation down in a New England minute. Except . . . I didn’t think there were any EPA inspectors in the vicinity. I wasn’t even sure the EPA had been invented yet. I knew where I was; Lisbon Falls, Maine, deep in the heart of Androscoggin County. The real question was when I was.
- Part 1 / Chapter 2

Lisey's Story (Oct 2006)

Lisey and her sisters grew up in Lisbon Falls.

None of Lisey's sisters was immune to the pleasures of setting the cat among the pigeons ("stirring up a stink" had been their father's phrase for it), or having a good natter about someone else's dirty laundry, but the only one Lisey had a hard time liking was this same Amanda. Eldest (and oddest) of the onetime Debusher girls of Lisbon Falls, Amanda currently lived alone, in a house which Lisey had provided, a small, weather-tight place not too far from Castle View where Lisey, Darla, and Cantata could keep an eye on her. Lisey had bought it for her seven years ago, five before Scott died. Died Young. Died Before His Time, as the saying was. Lisey still had trouble believing he'd been gone for two years. It seemed both longer and the blink of an eye.
- Part 1 / Chapter I / Section 1

Different Seasons (Aug 1982)

Some Shawshank escapees were recaptured in Lisbon Falls.

Two were recaptured in a Lisbon Falls pinball parlor. The third has not been found to this day.
- Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption