Micmac Indians (first appeared in Pet Sematary)

The pet cemetery is on burial ground which used to belong to the Micmac Indians. Obviously, most run-ins with the Micmac Indians do not end well for people.

Micmac Indians is mentioned in the following books:

Bag of Bones (Sep 1998)

Brenda Meserve says that the Micmac Indians still haunt the land around Dark Score Lake.

'No ghosts, huh?' I said, as if disappointed. 'Not that I've ever seen,' she said, matter-of-fact as an accountant, 'but my ma said there's plenty down here. She said this whole lake is haunted. By the Micmacs that lived here until they was driven out by General Wing, by all the men who went away to the Civil War and died there — over six hundred went from this part of the world, Mr. Noonan, and less than a hundred and fifty came back . . . at least in their bodies. Ma said this side of Dark Score's also haunted by the ghost of that Negro boy who died here, poor tyke. He belonged to one of the Red-Tops, you know.'
- Chapter 16

Cell (Jan 2006)

“How far away is this Kashwak place?” Tom asked. Clay thought about it. “I’d say eighty miles, almost due north. You’d take Route 160 most of the way, but once you get on the TR, I don’t know.” Jordan asked, “What exactly is a TR?” “TR-90’s an unincorporated township. There are a couple of little villages, some quarries, and a two-bit Micmac rez up north, but mostly it’s just woods, bear, and deer.”
- Part 5: Kent Pond / Chapter 5