Monkey's Paw (first appeared in Pet Sematary)

Pet Sematary was based on the 1902 WW Jacobs story "The Monkey's Paw." In a very meta moment, Louis Creed thinks of the story when he hears an ominous knocking on his front door. (King also uses a quote from the story as a lead in to one of the chapters in the book.)

Monkey's Paw is mentioned in the following books:

Revival (Nov 2014)

Hugh describes a nightmare to Jamie, who recognizes it from the story The Monkey's Paw - which inspired Pet Sematary.

"By then she’s really whamming on the door, beating on it with both fists, it sounds like, and I’m thinking of this horror story we had to read in English when I was in high school. I think it was called ‘August Heat.’” Not “August Heat,” I thought. “The Monkey’s Paw.” That’s the one with the door-pounding in it.
- Chapter XII

Everything's Eventual (Mar 2002)

I wished again I could take my own wish back; as the dark drew down and I stood there at the crossroads, it was too easy to think of that story about the monkey’s paw.
- Riding the Bullet