Norm Irving (first appeared in Revival)

Invites Jamie to join his band, the Chrome Roses, in high school.

Norm Irving is mentioned in the following books:

Skeleton Crew (Jun 1985)

Richard mentions his son's band, which has a lead guitarist named Norm. Seems like a stretch, but maybe...?

The group’s lead guitarist, Norm somebody, drove a monstrous and somehow sinister old LTD station wagon in which the group carried their equipment to their infrequent gigs. It was not parked in the driveway now. Perhaps it was somewhere in the world, tooling down some highway or parked in the parking lot of some greasy hamburger hangout, and Norm was also somewhere in the world, as was Davey, the bassist, whose eyes were frighteningly blank and who wore a safety pin dangling from one earlobe, as was the drummer, who had no front teeth.
- Word Processor of the Gods