Ray Garraty (first appeared in The Long Walk)

The only competitor in The Long Walk from Maine.

Ray Garraty is mentioned in the following books:

Bag of Bones (Sep 1998)

A character named Raymond (Ray) Garraty appears in Mike Noonan's novel My Childhood Friend.

Things happened during that week, but until I met Max Devore on The Street the following Friday — the seventeenth of July, it would have been — the most important thing was that I continued to work on a novel which would, if finished, be called My Childhood Friend. Perhaps we always think what was lost was the best . . . or would have been the best. I don't know for sure. What I do know is that my real life that week had mostly to do with Andy Drake, John Shackleford, and a shadowy figure standing in the deep background. Raymond Garraty, John Shackle-ford's childhood friend. A man who sometimes wore a baseball cap.
- Chapter 16