Sara Laughs (first appeared in Bag of Bones)

Sara Laughs is a vacation home on Dark Score Lake. It appears to be an alternate reality version of Cara Laughs, a vacation home in the key world of the Dark Tower.

Sara Laughs is mentioned in the following books:

The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower (Sep 2004)

Cara Laughs is Stephen King's vacation home (an echo of Mike Noonan's home in Bag of Bones: Sara Laughs).

“Ayuh. But I think you boys want to palaver, and if we go up there to Cara Laughs, there won’t be no palaver; just you standin there with your jaws dropped.” Cullum threw back his head and laughed. “Me, too!” “What’s Cara Laughs?” Eddie asked. John shrugged. “A lot of folks with lakefront properties name their houses.”
- Part 1 / Chapter VI / Section 2