Shawshank Prison (first appeared in Different Seasons)

Shawshank is a fictional Maine prison that pops up in a number of Stephen King books and short stories. It's most well known as the location where Andy Dufresne meets a prisoner named Red who changes his life, in Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption.

Shawshank Prison is mentioned in the following books:

11/22/63 (Nov 2011)

Jake tells Al that Harry Dunning's father died in Shawshank. The prison is mentioned twice more in the book, as Jake worries about ending up there in the past.

“You could say the same of Oswald. A pipsqueak who shot from ambush. And according to Harry Dunning’s theme, his father’s just a mean drunk with a hammer.” “He’s not even that anymore. He died of acute stomach poisoning in Shawshank State Prison. Harry said it was probably bad squeeze. That’s—” “I know what squeeze is. I saw plenty when I was stationed in the Philippines. Even drank some, to my sorrow. But he’s not dead where you’re going. Oswald, either.”
- Part 1 / Chapter 7

It (Sep 1986)

Steve Dubay gets sent to Shawshank for the murder of Adrian Mellon.

John Webber Garton was convicted of first-degree manslaughter and sentenced to ten to twenty years in Thomaston State Prison.     Steven Bishoff Dubay was convicted of first-degree manslaughter and sentenced to fifteen years in Shawshank State Prison.     Christopher Philip Unwin was tried separately as a juvenile and convicted of second-degree manslaughter. He was sentenced to six months at the South Windham Boys' Training Facility, sentence suspended.
- Part 1 / Chapter 2 / Section 18

Four Past Midnight (Sep 1990)

'Could be,' Pop said indifferently. 'People get up to all sorts of didos. Lookit my nephew, there, for instance, Ace.' Pop's nose wrinkled. 'Doin four years in Shawshank, and for what? Bustin into The Mellow Tiger. He got up to didos and Sheriff Pangborn. slammed him in the jug for it. Little ringmeat got just what he deserved.'
- The Sun Dog / Chapter 2

Bag of Bones (Sep 1998)

George Randolph Footman, the former Castle County deputy sheriff who shot and killed Mattie Devore, now resides in Shawshank Prison.

'What did you tell the police?' 'I didn't have to tell them much of anything. Footman talked enough to suit them — too much to suit Norris Ridgewick. Footman said that he and Osgood — it was Osgood driving the car, Devore's pet broker — did the drive-by because Devore had made threats about what would happen to them if they didn't. The State cops also found a copy of a wire-transfer among Devore's effects at Warrington's. Two million dollars to an account in the Grand Caymans. The name scribbled on the copy is Randolph Footman. Randolph is George's middle name. Mr. Footman is now residing in Shawshank State Prison.'
- Epilogue

Under the Dome (Nov 2009)

Junior worries about ending up in Shawshank several times throughout the book.

A picture of Shawshank State Prison’s brooding green walls suddenly popped into his mind. He couldn’t go there, he had his whole life ahead of him. But he would. Even if he shut her up now, he would. Because she’d talk later. And her face—which looked a lot worse than Barbie’s had after the fight in the parking lot—would talk for her. Unless he shut her up completely.
- Part 3 / Chapter 5

The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah (Jun 2004)

Tenuous, but this feels like a Shawshank reference. It is sadly never explained.

“Cullum closed one eye and appeared to calculate. “In the fifties, I spent ten miserable years as a guard at the Maine State Prison,” he said, “but I met a hell of a nice man there named—” Roland shook his head and then put the two remaining fingers of his right hand to his lips. Cullum nodded. “Well, I f’git what his name is, but he lives over in Vermont, and I’m sure I’ll remember it—maybe where he lives, too—by the time I get acrost the New Hampshire state line.”
- 9th Stanza / Chapter 3