Ted Brautigan (first appeared in Hearts in Atlantis)

Ted Brautigan is a "Breaker", a powerful psychic who first appears in the story "Low Men in Yellow Coats". Ted is in hiding from the "low men", servants of the Crimson King.

Ted Brautigan is mentioned in the following books:

The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower (Sep 2004)

Ted Stevens Brautigan was a Breaker with telepathic powers. He was a Facilitator which boosted the powers of all nearby telepaths. He was considered the most valuable Breaker because he was the only Facilitator the low men had ever recruited.

“Almost a thousand,” Dinky reiterated. “Because they were confused and lonely and they thought Jim Jones was their friend. Because—dig it—they had nothing to go back to. And it’s like that here. If the Breakers united, they could make a mental hammer that’d knock Prentiss and The Weasel and the taheen and the can-toi all the way into the next galaxy. Instead there’s no one but me, Stanley, and everyone’s favorite super-breaker, the totally eventual Mr. Theodore Brautigan of Milford, Connecticut. Harvard Class of ’20, Drama Society, Debate Club, editor of The Crimson, and—of course!—Phi Beta Crapper.”
- Part 2 / Chapter V / Section 6