Recurring theme:

Someone is called "Sunny Jim"

The Stand

“In the back of the cruiser, Sunny Jim.” The man in the SHELL. cap had come out onto the porch, still clutching his shotgun. “He shot Bill Markson!” he yelled in a high, queer voice. “T'other one shot Missus Storm! Hell of a note! I shot t'other one! He's deader'n a shitbug! Like to shoot this one too, iff n you boys'll stand away!” “Calm down, Pop,” one of the troopers said. “Fun's over.” “I'll shoot him where he stands!” the old guy yelled. “I'll lay him low!” Then he leaned forward like an English butler making a bow and threw up on his shoes. “You boys get me away from that guy, would you?” Lloyd said. “I believe he's crazy.” “You got this comin outta the store, Sunny Jim,” the trooper who had thrown down on him in the first place said. The barrel of his pistol looped up and up, catching the sun, and then it crashed down on Lloyd Henreid's head and he never woke up until that evening in the Apache County Jail's infirmary.

Nightmares & Dreamscapes

'Just take care of him,' the big woman said, and turned irritably back to the rat-​faced boy. 'Ma'am?' Hogan said again. 'Just a minute, hold your water,' Mrs. Scooter said. She spoke with the air of one who is all but drowning in impatient customers, although Hogan and the rat-​faced boy were in fact the only ones present. 'You're a dime short, Sunny Jim,' she told the blonde kid after a quick glance at the coins on the counter-​top. The boy regarded her with wide, innocent eyes. 'I don't suppose you'd trust me for it?' 'I doubt if the Pope of Rome smokes Merit 100's, but if he did, I wouldn't trust him for it.' The look of wide-​eyed innocence disappeared. The rat-​faced boy looked at her with an expression of sullen dislike for a moment (this expression looked much more at home on the kid's face, Hogan thought), and then slowly began to investigate his pockets again.

Doctor Sleep

Go on over on your lunch break,” Kingsley said. “Ask for Mrs. Robertson.” He pointed a finger that was showing the first gnarls of arthritis. “And don’t you fuck up, Sunny Jim, because she’s an old pal of mine. Remember that I vouched for you on some pretty thin paper and Billy Freeman’s intuition.”

Rose Madder

Duma Key

Kathi Green calls Edgar Sunny Jim as she lectures him about giving up on his marriage.


Well, close enough. Entragian calls Johnny "Lord Jim."