Recurring theme:

The number 19

Bag of Bones

Used in the clues given to Mike.

The Dead Zone

Johnny plays number 19 on the roulette to win the big lot.

Blockade Billy

Billy, who has murderous tendencies, wears Number 19.


The numbers in the license plate of Jake's Subaru add up to 19, and the numbers for the plate of the Plymouth Fury add up to 19.

Just After Sunset

In the short story N., a seemingly mentally ill man obsessed with numbers describes the number 19 as being powerful but dangerous.


The phone number 207-919-9811 adds up to 9-19-19. The plane that crashes on Boston Common has tail number LN6409B, and both the letters and numbers add up to 19. There is a sign reading "Gaiten Academy est 1846" and I'll let you guess what that adds up to.


"What is 19, besides a prime number?"

Duma Key

Edgar's daughter's name (Ilse Marie Freemantle) has 19 letters in it. Edgar's email is EFree19 and his real estate agent's is SmithRealty9505, which adds up to 19. The storm "Alice" occurred in 1927, which adds up to 19. The flight Edgar takes to Florida is flight 559, Pam's room number is 847, etc etc etc.

Everything's Eventual

In 1408, Mike Enslin gets a phone call: "This is nine! This is nine! Nine! This is ten! Ten! We have killed your friends! Every friend is now dead!" In Riding the Bullet, Alan's mother is in room 487 in the hospital. In The Man in the Black Suit, the fish Gary catches is 19 inches long. In The Road Virus Heads North, Kinnell's alarm code is 3817.

From a Buick 8

The titular car is a 1954 Buick Roadmaster. Guess what 1954 adds up to?

Full Dark, No Stars

In 1922, the letter Wilfred James writes is dated April 11, 1930. 4+1+1+1+9+3 = 19.

The Green Mile

After Mr. Jingles' first visit to The Mile, Brutal takes out the visitor's log, and Dean asks what he thinks he's doing. Brutal responds that he is obeying regulation 19.


Ed Deepneau's wedding ring contains the inscription "HD-ED 8-5-87". 8+5+8+7 = 28, or 9 19.

The Long Walk

The name "Raymond Davis Garraty" has 19 letters.

Mr Mercedes

Det. Hodges' home address is 63 Harper Road. 6+3=9, and Harper Road has 10 letters. Also, the Under Debbie's Blue Umbrella username: "kermitfrog19".

Night Shift

In "Sometimes they come back", the car that the thugs drove was a 1954 Ford sedan.

The Shining

There are 19 wide steps down to the hotel lobby.

The Stand

The superflu epidemic takes 19 days to kill off 99% of humanity.

Different Seasons

Andy Dufresne's prison number adds up to 19.

Under the Dome

The dome comes down at 11:44. 11+4+4=19. The hospital room for Big Jim Rennie is 19. The bus they use to try to escape from the fireball is #19. Joseph McClatchy lives at 19 Mill Street. The security code numbers - 1693 - add up to 19.

The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass

The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla

Basically everything in the Dark Tower series adds up to 19, but here's a good example: Claudia y Inez Bachman.