Recurring theme:

Evidence that reality is thin

Skeleton Crew

In "Mrs. Todd's Shortcut," the titular driver cuts through from one dimension to the next to find faster routes to her destinations.

The Talisman

From a Buick 8

The car acts as a portal into another reality.

Lisey's Story

Scott Landon jumps to a space called Boo'ya Moon regularly.

Just After Sunset

"N" explores what might happen if things were moved across dimensions.

The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass

“I’m all right,” he said. “But hear me well: this is very close to where Mid-World ends, very close to where End-World begins. The first great course of our quest is finished. We have done well; we have remembered the faces of our fathers; we have stood together and been true to one another. But now we have come to a thinny. We must be very careful.” “A thinny?” Jake asked, looking around nervously. “Places where the fabric of existence is almost entirely worn away. There are more since the force of the Dark Tower began to fail. Do you remember what we saw below us when we left Lud?”